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2013 Conference – Designing Healthy Communities

VNT 2013 conference keynote speaker Dr. Richard JacksonVision North Texas was proud to host Dr. Richard Jackson, Chair of the Environmental Health Science Department at the UCLA School of Public Health, and author of Designing Healthy Communities, as the keynote speaker at the Vision North Texas 2013 Conference – Designing Healthy Communities. The conference was held on February 15, 2013 at the University of Texas at Arlington’s School of Architecture.

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North Texas 2050
Wins National Award

North Texas 2050 Wins APA Award

North Texas 2050 received the 2011 National Planning Excellence Award for Innovation in Sustaining Places from the American Planning Association.

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What is Vision North Texas?

Vision North Texas is an award winning partnership of private, public, and academic organizations - has held stakeholder workshops throughtout the 16 county North Texas region to find out what people think about our region's future. [more]

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North Texas 2050

North Texas 2050Through Vision North Texas, leaders and experts around the region have worked together to imagine a future that is better than ‘business as usual’. North Texas 2050 is a major new ‘gamebook’ for our region that was released at the Regional Summit 2010.  In addition, North Texas 2050  has been shaped by research and the experience of experts in transportation, land use and development, housing, the environment, health and all the other issues that will determine how livable and successful North Texas will be in the coming decades.

• North Texas 2050 Gamebook
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• Work Plan for FY2011


These are the tools decision makers can use to make the North Texas 2050 vision a reality. You can help improve these tools by participating in work underway now. Select the tools that indicate ‘work underway’ and you’ll find details on these current VNT activities.

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• Work Plan Implementation - Update on all 23 items in the plan
• New and Updated Contributing Research and Case Studies
• Work Underway to Identify North Texas Mixed Use Centers

Research Documents
Extensive research and analysis showed us we could do 'better than business as usual.' This work, by experts in many fields is found in these research documents.

• Action Tools
• Contributing Research and Case Studies
• Alternative Futures
• Regional Choices

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Past Events VNT block Excercise

• Regional Summit 2011

• Regional Summit 2010

• Alternative Futures

• Regional Summit 2008

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