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Current Activities

Regional Summit - March 5, 2010

Through Vision North Texas, leaders and experts around the region have worked together to imagine a future that is better than the one predicted by current trends and projections. They have created a vision for a preferred future and a practical set of action steps North Texans can take to achieve this vision. More Information >>>


On September 18th close to 300 people met to discuss North Texas Alternative Futures:
making choices that are better than business as usual

What is the ‘business as usual’ future for North Texas?Click to read the North Texas Alternative Futures Executive Summary


Alternative Futures Workshop - June 12, 2009

Vision North Texas shared the latest information on initial analysis into several “Alternative Futures” scenarios for the region’s future growth and development before the NCTCOG General Assembly on June 12, 2009.

Results from this workshop are now available

Initial Findings Handout | Presentations & Keypad Polling from Workshop | Table Group Discussions

Business as UsualElected officials, community leaders, and many others interested in the future of our region attended this Alternative Futures Workshop prior to the North Central Texas Council of Governments’ General Assembly. We analyzed four “Alternative Futures” scenarios as well as the “Business As Usual” scenario.

The Business As Usual scenario is basically a continuation of current trends, with the pattern of population and employment distribution reflecting past trends and the current policies of local governments regarding land use. The four “Alternative Futures” scenarios are:

  • Connected Centers
  • Return on Investment
  • Diverse, Distinct Communities
  • Green Region

Connected Centers Scenario 

Connected Centers envisions a region in which people have more choices about how they connect to the places where they live, work and play. This scenario might include mixed-use centers which include residential, commercial and recreational uses.



Return on Investment Scenario 

Return on Investment intends to maximize the benefit received from the extensive investment made in the region’s existing infrastructure and development pattern. This can be accomplished through redevelopment of older or underutilized properties into new, thriving development, as opposed to pushing new development and infrastructure out into currently rural areas, for example.

Diverse, Distinct Communities Scenario 

Diverse, Distinct Communities creates a region with distinct communities and centers that capture the traditional character of a community while meeting the demands of the region’s future markets. One strategy for achieving this scenario is by strengthening traditional communities or downtowns with a greater mix of uses and more intense development, yet at the same time reinforcing the history and character of the community.

Green Region Scenario 

The Green Region scenario emphasizes green development or natural assets as the foundation for future regional growth. It intends to identify and preserve the region’s natural assets, while providing for future development in such a way that incorporates them into future residential, commercial and recreational development.