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On September 18th close to 300 people met to discuss
North Texas Alternative Futures:
making choices that are better than business as usual

What is the ‘business as usual’ future for North Texas?Click to read the North Texas Alternative Futures Executive Summary

By 2050, almost 12 million people will live in North Texas. If current trends continue, these residents will spend even more time stuck in traffic than they do today. Current sources won’t provide enough water to meet their needs. Energy demands will be 20% above capacity. Many more acres of agricultural and open space lands will be converted to subdivisions and shopping centers.

Compared to the past, more North Texans will be seniors, more of them will live in households that prefer transit-oriented housing locations, and they will be more ethnically diverse. For these reasons, the neighborhoods, jobs, services and amenities that the North Texans of 2050 will want and need will not be the same as in the past. ‘Business as usual’ will not meet these new market demands.

What are the alternatives?

North Texans can create a region that succeeds by offering better and more sustainable choices. Vision North Texas – a private, public and academic partnership – has been studying alternatives to ‘business as usual’. The results show that different investment decisions and development patterns can produce better choices for the people that will live and work in North Texas during the next several decades. But doing things differently isn’t easy – a future that is ‘better than business as usual’ involves change for businesses, property owners, cities, counties, residents, schools and other organizations. A regional gamebook and action tools can help everyone make changes that add up to a ‘better than business as usual’ North Texas.

What do you think?

Vision North Texas invites you to examine these alternatives for our region’s future. Join us to discuss the results of our alternatives analysis. Learn from our keynote speaker, nationally-recognized architect and development finance expert Michael Buckley. Share your ideas and expertise. Help create North Texas 2050 – a regional gamebook for a successful and sustainable region. Register now to participate in the North Texas Alternative Futures dialogue, an important event that will help change the future of our region.

North Texas Alternative Futures: making choices that are better than business as usual

A dialogue for regional leaders, decision-makers and stakeholders
Friday, September 18, 2009
7:30 a.m.
8:00 a.m.

Regional Dialogue Sessions (includes presentations by regional experts, interactive small group discussions and results session with all participants)

12:00 p.m.
Luncheon & Keynote Presentation - Michael P. Buckley Biography | Presentation (11 MB) New Item
1:30 p.m.

 This event was sponsored by the Urban Land Institute’s North Texas District Council, the North Central Texas Council of Governments and the University of Texas at Arlington, the Charter Sponsors of the Vision North Texas partnership. 

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Thank you to all of our sponsors!

Mobilizing people * Catalyzing discussion * Examining our choices * Defining a regional vision * Detailing options for implementation

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